Friday, January 14, 2005


The Untold Story Of World War One
by Sidney Allinson.

This is to announce that a revised new edition of my 1981 [non-fiction] historical book, "THE BANTAMS: The Untold Story Of World War One" is being re-published this very day, Pen & Sword Books, UK..
It contains much detail of daily life on the home front in Britain and Canada during World War One -- "The Great War" -- and also presents an unblinking picture of trench warfare in France and Belgium during the 1914-1918 era.
My book is a unique study of the 50,000 British and Canadian men below the regulation height of 5ft. 3ins. who volunteered to serve in Bantam battalions during the First World War. 'Based on many personal wartime recollections of 350 veteran Bantams I interviewed, plus accurate first-hand accounts of trench warfare, and includes numerous rare photographs of the Great War never published elsewhere.
Originally published in London, England, this revised version also contains a good deal of new information that was not public knowledge when I originally researched it -- including disquieting details of military executions.

To read a free sample chapter, go to:
-- Sidney Allinson.

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