Monday, February 28, 2011

It is heartening to see that Britain's Royal Air Force and Royal Navy has been so active in effectively rescuing civilians from Libya. In sharp contrast, it seems there is something of national outrage in the USA today, many folk there being indignant at the American government for its failure to send in the US Air Force on similar rescue missions to Libya.

USAF is the largest and best-equipped air force in the world, so its curious failure to lend a hand in the evacuation of its citizens from Libya clearly must have been caused by lack of decision right at the top – the White House. Observers can only suspect either that Pres. Obama tends to favour the Moslem world, or he is simply too timid to intervene for fear of alienating his US political support base.

As an aside, don’t even mention Canada’s craven lack of assistance for Canadians trapped in Libya. Thousands of Canucks were caught in the uprising there, and those who did manage to get out on their own have nothing but contempt for the utter lack of help by Canadian officials on the scene. None of Canada's military aircraft planes have been sent there to help with evacuation either.

Having said that, I am filled with dread at today’s hints by Britain and America they may send a military intervention force into Libya. No! No! No! Any Western troops sent into north Africa, no matter how laudable their intentions to "preserve human rights" by using military might against Gadhafi, will surely unite the entire Arab world in resentment against the West, and could provoke a Jihad holy war against us all.

We must keep our armed forces out of that hell-hole, or we risk Armageddon, a hopless quagmire far worse than even Afghanistan.

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